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Most national and international regulatory systems governing product safety require the production and collation of technical documentation to provide evidence of conformity with specific Regulations, Directives or Standards.

Required technical documentation can range from simple test reports to compilations of detailed and structured design, quality management, test results and evaluation data.

The precise content and format of these important documents is dependent on the relevant Directive or Regulations.  In many cases they can be complex and time consuming to compile. Their preparation will often require specialist technical knowledge and a detailed understanding of specific regulations.

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How Can We Help You?

At Technology International we support our clients to ensure that compliance documentation is prepared accurately, efficiently and meets the requirements of the applicable regulations. We work with Manufacturers, Project Managers, Importers and End-Users to ensure that the correct documentation is available and can, if necessary, be delivered to the regulatory authorities.

We have a long-standing expertise in compiling Technical Files to demonstrate compliance with European (CE) Directives as well as UK (UKCA) Regulations; specialising in Machinery, EMC, Radio Equipment and Potentially Explosive Hazards. From producing EMC test plans, risk assessment reports and technical analysis, Technology International can help create a wide range of product safety compliance documentation.

For infrastructure projects, Technology International has a wealth of experience in the preparation of Compliance Management Plans and delivering full Safety Case or Assurance Submissions prior to final commissioning.

Why work with Technology International?

Technology International’s goal is to simplify and guide our customer confidently through the complicated process of UKCA / CE Marking and other Regulations from start to finish.


Approved Body for Machinery, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio Equipment Regulations.


We have been a presence in Regulatory Compliance for over 30 years and have worked on over 10,000 compliance projects


We are committed to an ethical, bespoke and consultative approach to all our customers

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