WEISS UK Ltd – Update of Technical Documentation leading to Declaration of Incorporation (DOI) for GB Market (UKCA).

Project Duration: 3 days on-site with the balance of the project completed remotely. Chester, UK.

Applicable Directives/ Regulations: UK Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008

Project Summary: 

Under the UK Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008, WEISS UK Ltd are unable to UKCA mark their product because some aspects of safety or control is relinquished to their customer, the ultimate machine integrator. In this instance, a Declaration of Incorporation is used to show compliance. Once the product is incorporated into its final configuration, it is the responsibility of the final integrator to complete the total machine assessment by ensuring the ‘shortfall’ of the DOI is covered by the overarching assessment and then attach a UKCA mark, covering the final assembly.

The work schedule for this project followed: -

  • Pre-assessment of the stage system.
  • On-site assessment EN60204-1:2018, Risk Assessment against EN12100:2010, Safety testing and EHSR checklist.
  • Advice and guidance on creation of the DOI.
  • Office based issues resolution and compilation of Technical File.

Our Role:

TIE initially carried out a gap analysis on the existing support documentation available. Once the areas of focus were established a mutually convenient time and location for the on-site of the product was arranged.

Following the on-site visit TIE work collaboratively, in a remote capacity, with the engineering support team at WEISS to resolve any technical issues. TIE gave guidance on what is required in an DOI, and throughout the process encouraged WEISS to check their existing Technical Files and update
where required.

The Clients Role: 

WEISS UK worked with the consultant to provide time on the working equipment and answer any question on process software and technical aspects. WEISS supported the on-site and off-site part of the project leading to a timely completion of the reports.

Final Outcome:

The gap analysis guidance and subsequent reports leading to a complete, has enabled WEISS UK to confidently sell their product on the GB market to machine integrators. It also helped re-enforce internal company processes in collating data and Technical Files as part of any new product development plan.

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