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Renishaw - In situ EMC Testing and Technical File Compilation

Project Duration: Approximately 2 weeks per machine

Applicable Directives: EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

Our Role:

Since the machines are too large to travel to an EMC lab and require a continuous supply of specialist gases in order to operate correctly, we developed a test plan which can be used to provide EMC testing in-situ at Renishaw’s facilities, to the fullest extent possible outside of a dedicated EMC laboratory.

The test plan can be applied to each of its machines with minimal variation, using EMC test equipment brought to its site, thereby minimising costs on each return visit for a new machine. The testing results are documented in a comprehensive test report, which is used to inform an EMC Technical File which we compile on Renishaw’s behalf for each machine variant or family.

The Clients Role:

Renishaw provides technical information for each machine which allows the test plan to be prepared, testing to be executed and the Technical File to be compiled with the minimum of administrative burden on its busy engineering staff. Renishaw also supports the in-situ testing at its facilities to ensure it runs smoothly and is completed to the agreed schedule.

Final Outcome:

Upon receipt of each EMC Technical File for every machine, which includes the test report and test plan, Renishaw is able to prepare its EU Declaration of Conformity and meet its legal obligations under the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU with full confidence.

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