What is PUWER?

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations or PUWER, is a piece of UK legislation that places responsibility onto the people and companies who use / control the use of work equipment.

Does it Apply to Me? 

The PUWER apply to all work equipment being put into use in the workplace, so if you are in the workplace, yes. They form part of what could be considered an ‘umbrella’ of workplace regulations and should be considered alongside the relevant requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HWS Act).

Who Is Responsible? 

Anyone who has responsibility and/or controls the use of work equipment, either directly or indirectly (businesses, business owners, managers, supervisors, H&S stake holders, etc). 

What is Defined as Work Equipment? 

In terms of PUWER, work equipment covers pretty much anything used in the workplace from simple hand tools to power tools and large complex production lines. It also includes items you may not necessarily associate with the production process such as lifting equipment or cherry pickers and it also includes any equipment hired/ leased and put into use.

How Do I Comply? 

Whilst simple products such as hand or power tools may be easily covered through in-house knowledge, more complex equipment or production lines may prove more problematic. This is particularly true where existing equipment is repurposed or upgraded to match production demands. Whilst the original design builders of production equipment may have ensured safe products, any changes or updates should be reviewed against current ‘best practice’ as part of your own duty of care. 

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How Can Technology International Help?

With over 30 years’ experience in the assessment of machinery as part of the conformity with CE marking and more recently UKCA marking, Technology International is ideally suited to helping companies review existing production machinery and safety systems. The knowledge gained through machinery assessment and current best practice should help any in-house resources bring their documentation in line with current legislation. 

Why work with Technology International?

Technology International’s goal is to simplify and guide our customer confidently through the complicated process of UKCA / CE Marking and other Regulations from start to finish.


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