What is the Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU)?

The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) covers all devices that transmit and receive radio signals including WiFi and Bluetooth devices. Cellular devices, radio communicators and equipment with wireless communication functionality are all covered by RED. It applies to products that contain either transmitters, or receivers, being placed on the European Market. 

RED looks to cover three distinct areas of manufactured radio equipment: Electrical Safety; Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC); and Radio Performance.

Full details about RED can be found on the European Commission website here.

Does It Apply To Me?

With few exceptions, the RED applies to all equipment that uses the radio spectrum below 3 THz for communication and for radiodetermination. It applies to both transmitters and receivers. If you manufacture any product that transmits or receives radio frequencies over the air your product will almost certainly be subject to the RED. 

It should be noted that incorporating a radio function to your product, even if it is a 'pre-approved' module, will require some level of assessment of the whole product to RED. 

How Do I Comply With The Radio Equipment Directive?

In certain circumstances, a manufacturer’s product may need to be assessed by a qualified 3rd party, a Notified Body, in order to confirm that it meets the requirements of the RED. The use of 'pre-approved' radio modules does not exempt you from your responsibilities under the RED.

UKCA Marking

As of 2025, all products and machinery entering the UK market must show conformity to UKCA Marking legislation. The rules regarding confirming or demonstrating conformity with the UK Regulations are very similar to those for the EU Directives. Find out more about UKCA Marking here or contact us to ask. Technology International is an Approved Body for the Radio Equipment Regulations. 

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How Can Technology International Help?

Technology International's team of consultants have a detailed understanding of both the Machinery Directive and the associated Standards and other regulations, we can confidently through the CE Marking process.

Once we have ascertained what service best suits your needs we can offer;

•    Compliance Consultancy
•    Testing
•    Training
•    Compliance Management
•    Documentation Support
•    Technical Support S

All our services can be offered either in-situ on fixed installations, at our location, or a third-party site for testing. 

We can also conduct one form of assessment, known as an UKCA- Type Examination, for certain categories of Radio Equipment. The Type Examination procedure we offer is simple, cost-effective and efficient. A successful examination allows a manufacturer to make a valid claim conformity to the Radio Equipment Regulations with confidence and can provide reassurance to customers and end-users.

Why work with Technology International?

Technology International’s goal is to simplify and guide our customer confidently through the complicated process of UKCA / CE Marking and other Regulations from start to finish.


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