Technical Support Services

Technology International offers its clients on-going, ‘on-call’ technical support across all Directives and Regulations. Using all our technical expertise, we can provide on-going involvement in your projects so that you can be confident that your products remain compliant with applicable regulations regardless of the ever-changing landscape of Directives and Regulations.

Tailored to your needs

Our Technical Support services are specifically crafted for each of our clients. We understand that each industry, business and company has varying needs, requirements and wanted outcomes from our on-going assistance and involvement in their product compliance.

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Support Agreements that avoid delays

Operating an internal regulatory compliance regime and maintaining the necessary technical expertise to do so can be time consuming, costly and is often outside a company’s core competency and focus. Technology International’s Support Agreements gives you open access to all our knowledge and expertise at pre-set costs, minimising delays caused by the need to prepare quotations or raise individual purchase orders.

Why work with Technology International?

Technology International’s goal is to simplify and guide our customer confidently through the complicated process of CE Marking and other Regulations from start to finish.


Notified body for Machinery, Low Voltage and Radio Equipment Directives


We have been a presence in Regulatory Compliance for over 30 years and have worked on over 10,000 compliance projects


We are committed to an ethical, bespoke and consultative approach to all our customers

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